Main stage

The rental of the Main Stage includes access to all dressing rooms, the greenroom, wardrobe room, and the loading bay. In addition, one house technician will be available for eight hours, along with our Front of House Manager and the front of house volunteer team for five hours.

Rental Inquiries can be submitted by clicking here

Technical specifications


Loading bay

The loading bay is at grade-level – there is no loading dock. Trucks must be unloaded by use of a ramp or tail-gate lift. The overhead door is 9’9” H and 9’9” W and is electrically operated. The loading bay leads directly onto stage right.

Stage power
  • Audio system:  
    • 100A, 3-phase isolated-ground transformer with 50A stove plug, 30A twist lock and multiple 15A u-ground plugs available on stage. No cam-lock tie in here.
  • Touring show distro tie-in:
    • 100A 3-phase with cam-locks USL. Can be energized by house technician
    • 200A 3-phase with cam-locks USL. Local permit and electrician is required as regulated by BC Safety Authority. Contact KCT technical coordinator at least two weeks in advance if 200A service is required. Fees are charged to renter.
Main stage specifications

Main Stage Plot

Stage Type: Proscenium / Thrust

Proscenium Height: 17' 7"

Proscenium Width:  46' 6"

Stage Depths:

  • Front of apron, DSC to main drape, 16' 10"
  • Front of apron to plasterline, 16' 4"
  • Front of apron, DSC to cyclorama, 47' 10"
  • Front of apron, DSC to MS traveler, 32' 9"
  • Plasterline, to cyclorama, 32' 6"
  • Plasterline to US wall, 33' 6"
  • Height of apron to house floor, 3' 7" H
  • Height of stage deck to orchestra pit floor, 5' 1" H
  • Centerline to SL clear, 37' 9 "
  • Centerline to SR clear, 38' 6"

Stage Floor: 4' x 8' Duratex hardboard painted black. Limited screwing or nailing is allowed with permission from the theatre technician. Painting of the stage floor may be allowed with permission of the theatre technician.

Orchestra pit

The stage is normally configured with a sectional apron which houses the PA system sub-woofer boxes.

However, the apron can be lowered to house floor level to allow for dancing or additional seating. Alternatively, the apron can be completely removed to create a sub-floor level orchestra pit. The floor of the pit is 5' 1" below stage level and can have an optional front wall. The usable space is 46’ by 9’6” at the center tapering to about 3’ at either side.

In either case the sub-woofers must be relocated to the stage or removed entirely.

Alterations to the Apron require a minimum 2 weeks’ notice and cost additional labor charges - typically $400 - $500.

Video and projection
  • Roland XS-84H Video matrix video switcher, 8 HDMI / VGA inputs. Outputs to house projectors, stage projector and lobby screens. Mounted in control booth.
  • Roland V40HD video mixer accepts HDMI, VGA, & composite inputs. Located in control booth.
  • Panasonic PT-DW830ULK 8300 Lumen projector with ET-DLE 080 short -throw lens. Set up for rear projection onto PVC screen mid-stage or down-stage. Can be flown to project onto cyclorama - with advance notice only.
  • Christie DWU850-GS 7500 ANSI lumens with laser illumination.
  • 2 x Christie Digital DWU599-GS DLP WUXGA HD projectors with motorized 7’ x 11’ screens at fixed locations house left and right. 16:9 aspect ratio is ideal
  • 19’ x 40' midstage PVC projection screen can be normally located at mid-stage (LS16)or down-stage (LS5) positions.
Stage equipment


  • 9’ Steinway Concert Grand
  • 9' Yamaha Concert Grand
  • 5’ Willis Baby Grand (in lobby only)
  • Piano tuning is recommended and available upon request. Only the designated KCT piano tuner is permitted to tune KCT pianos and two-week notice is required. Tuning charges are billed to the client.


  • twelve 4' x 8' Wenger-style decks are dedicated to main stage. Four more 4' x 8’ decks belong to the Black Box but may be available on mainstage if requested in advance.
  • 8", 16", 24", and 32" legs and 16" and 24" skirts are available
  • Four Wenger 3-step choral risers with guardrails

Ladders & Lifts:

  • Various step ladders up to 10’
  • Genie AWP 40’ single person lift
  • Genie GR-15, single person lift, 15’ platform height,self-powered

Lifts are operated by the house technician or lift-certified personnel only.

Fly system

Kelowna Community Theatre has a full complement of main, mid-stage and upstage travelers, 6 sets of legs, and lighting as specified on the house hang plot. If battens need to be stripped or modified in advance, please give a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice. All house drapery and lighting will be restored to the standard house hang at the end of booking. Any extra technician time to restore will be charged to the show.

Only theatre technicians are permitted to load or unload counter-weight arbors. All equipment added to a batten must be inspected for safety by the house technician before it is flown. Client crew members are allowed to operate flys following an orientation by a house technician.

  • Line sets – 28 single-purchase line sets -36’ full out trim (no grid)
  • Fly operation is at stage left. Loading rail is accessed via 30’ steel ladder.
  • Loads may be added to a maximum of 600lbs per lineset. Maximum single point load on a batten is 250lbs
  • The 5 LX battens carry up to 1000lbs maximum. Maximum single point load on a batten is 250lbs
  • FOH 1 is a 48’ Superbeam motor- operated truss. It is used to hang lighting instruments and is operated by house technicians only.
  • FOH 2 – 5 may be accessed for focus etc. via a rolling “cage”. Only house technicians may operate the cage.


Additional equipment on Flys:

  • 50’ x 18’ black sharks tooth Scrim, normally located upstage
  • 20’ x 40' rear projection PVC screen – normally located midstage (LS16) or downstage (LS5)
  • Hardwood acoustic reflector panels are permanently located on linesets 6 and 20


Line Set Positions / Schedule:

DSL  Notes
0PROSC/FIRE curtain0'Keep clear on stage setup
1Main traveler/guillotine1' 
4Mirror ball4'Optional
5Spare/DS screen5' 
6DS reflectors6' 
10MS monitors12' 
15MS Traveler/guillotine17' 
16MS screen18'West-coasted
18Leg 420' 
22US Reflectors26' 
27US Traveler/guillotine31' 
Technical info - sound

FOH & monitor consoles: Avid Venue SC48

  • 2 x SC48 has built in processing and effects 48 local inputs and 16 outputs
  • FOH console is located at back of room, ramp access from loading bay, unobstructed view, no seat kills

Main snake:

  • Radial 48 x 10 balanced XLR, located at stage-left, 48x 10 split is available


  • Radial 48 x 10 balanced XLR - 60’
  • Radial 8 channel -75’
  • Yorkville 16 x 4 channel – 60’
  • Cable Factory 16 channel – 50’
  • Cable Factory 16 channel – 75’

House PA

D&B Audio:

The Main Arrays are flown 8 boxes per side. Each side consists of 6 x Y8 and 2 x Y12

  • 12 x D&B Y8
  • 4 x D&B Y12
  • 6 x D&B VSubs under the stage apron
  • 6 x D&B E8 fill speakers on downstage lip
  • All Powered by D&B 30D Power Amps

Stage Monitors:

  • 10 x Turbosound TFM-560, 8 mixes bi-amped with Turbosound DP-50 Amps
  • 2 x Meyer UM-100p (downstage side wash)
  • 2 x D&B Y10P (flown midstage side wash) powered in stereo D&B 30D
  • 2 x Turbosound TSW218 Subs powered by Turbosound DP-50

Other wedges available:

  • 2 x EAW SM200
  • 3 x EAW SM 122e
  • 1 x EAW 159zi drum wedge
  • 1 x Meyer USW - 1P Subwoofer

Other PA equipment:

  • 2 x Meyer UPA-1p
  • 1 x Meyer USW-1P subwoofer 
9ShureSM 58Vocal
2ShureBeta 58Vocal
1ShureSM 86Vocal Condenser
2ShureBeta 87Vocal Condenser
2Shure Beta 98Clamp Condenser
2ShureBeta 98AClamp Condenser
1ShureBeta 52Kick Drum
3ShureBeta 91Kick Drum
2ShureSM 81Condenser
4ShureSM 57Instrument
4ShureBeta 57Instrument
4Sennheisere604Clamp Drum
1AKGD112Kick Drum
2Advanced AudioCM87sCondenser
5SennheiserG3 935Handheld
3SennheiserG2 835Handheld
4SennheiserG3 BPBelt Pack
2SennheiserG2 BPBelt Pack
5SennheiserG3 RxReceiver
3SennheiserG2 RxReceiver
6Country ManB3W4FF05Mini Lavalier
3Point SourceCO-3-SEEarworn Lavalier
Direct Boxes
4RadialJDIMono Passive
1RadialJDIStereo Passive
2Cable FactoryD1 Pro P1Mono Passive
2Country ManType 10Mono Active

Mic Stands:

  • 20 tall K&M Boom stands
  • 12 short K&M Boom stands
  • 6 straight stand - round bases
  • 6 desktop stands

Other Consoles:

  • Behringer AX-12 digital mixer, six XLR & six ¼” inputs, 4 aux returns, IPad controlled.
  • Allen & Heath 16x4 analogue
Technical info - lighting

The main auditorium has two control positions available - either in the control booth or in the house directly in front of the booth. The two consoles can be used in either location.  Click the link above to access the lighting plot and other lighting information.

Dimmers:  300 x 2.4 Kw ETC Sensor+ (284 available for stage use)

  • All lighting connectors are NEMA L6-20 3-pin twist lock ground 120vac, 20A.
  • 15A u-ground adapters are available.

House consoles:

  • ETC GIO (EOS software) with 1 fader wing, one external touchscreen monitor, one external non-touch monitor.
  • Grand MA2 on PC with Command Wing, 1 Playback Wing, and 4 touchscreen monitors
  • The lighting system utilizes DMX control over ethernet (sACN)

House hang design:

  • 1 x LED front wash, 5 areas across stage x 4 deep
  • 1 x LED top/back wash, 3 areas across x 6 deep
  • 1 x LED high side wash (tips)
  • LED cyclorama lights (ground row can be added upon request)
  • 18 x LED moving head wash fixtures
  • 18 x moving head spot fixtures above stage
  • 6 x moving spots in FOH positions
  • 14 x LED Pars used for blinders/strobes
  • 15 x conventional spot specials FOH
  • 6 x conventional spot fixture over stage (more can be added)
  • Conventional washes for all seating aisles and the moat
  • Additional LED and conventional spot and wash fixtures available

Atmospheric equipment: 

  • 1 x Ultratec Radiance Hazer
  • 1 x Antari HZ-300 Hazer
  • 1 x Antari HZ-350 Hazer
  • 1 x Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex Fogger


  • Extensive Roscolux gel inventory, 6”, 7”, 10” pre-cuts
  • Gobo library with frames and donuts
  • 4 x Iris kits
  • 8 x Floor bases
  • 8 x 8’ dance booms
  • 5 x Show Baby wireless DMX