Black Box Theatre

The Black Box is a 51.5’ x 30’ (1,200 square foot) multi-purpose room which can be used as a separate performance space or added on as a rehearsal room or VIP meet & greet space.

The Black Box rental includes a bar and refrigerator, the PA, Lighting and video systems, along with optional stage risers, tables and chairs. The PA system, lighting and main drapes are normally pre-set at the south end of the room.

Full occupancy for Black Box Theatre/Rehearsal Hall is 125 people (106 when licensed).

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The lighting hang is in a grid pattern and consists of:

  • ETC Insight 3 lighting console ETC ION with 20 channel fader wing and two touchscreens
  • 5 Vari-Lite VL1000TS moving spots
  • 6 Microh Halo Zoom 19 MKII moving wash (RGBW)
  • 18 x LED Microh Rio Zoom 19 Quad pars (RGBW)
  • Selecon Pacific 30 degree spots
  • 4 x Source Four pars
  • Two ADJ LED pin spots for the mirrorball
  • 24 Lightronic 1.2 KW Dimmers - 3 dimmers are parked for LED power.
  • 1 mirror ball w/rotating motor (optional)
  • One pair of powered Meyer UPA-1 loudspeakers flown
  • One powered Meyer USW-1P subwoofer flown
  • Presonus StudioLive 16X4X2 Digital Mixer
  • Stage monitors upon request
  • 16 x 3 Audio snake
Video and Projection
  • Flown Epson projector and screen hung front of main drape
  • Eight 4’x8’ risers and various leg heights available
  • 4 leg drapes on track can be placed anywhere on the perimeter of the room
  • One split main drape is located on the south end wall
Liquor Service

The Black Box Theatre is not included within the Kelowna Community Theatre Liquor Primary License area.  If you wish to serve alcohol as part of your rental event, you must apply for a Special Event Permit and provide a copy of the approved permit to the Theatre Manager prior to the event.

Interior Photos