Art @ KCT

KPMG presents
ART@KCT Exhibition featuring Connie Vetter-Johnson and S.C. Jean

Art @ KCT is a professional art exhibition within the lobby of the Kelowna Community Theatre presenting the work of visual artists from the Central Okanagan featuring accessible, thought-provoking visual art.

The program presents the work of a variety of local visual artists to showcase Kelowna’s expansive creative community and provides professional development and progression opportunities for local artists.

Currently featuring the work of artists Connie Vetter-Johnson and S.C. Jean, this newest edition of the Art@KCT program highlights the work of two emerging Okanagan painters.


Above: Connie Vetter-Johnson's Rose, Sunny Day

In the Rise exhibition space, Connie Vetter-Johnson’s Nature in Glass utilizes stained glass and mirror pieces carefully arranged to achieve a realistic quality with colour and detail. Vetter-Johnson’s work has often been described as painting with glass. Each piece of glass is hand-cut and placed to create realistic images of people, animals, architecture and flora. It is done on a solid substrate and meant to capture light and reflection when placed on a wall. She has created many portraits from music legends and inspirational leaders, to memorials of beloved family members who have passed. Raising awareness through her depiction of Endangered Animals is also a focus.

In the Cube exhibition space, S.C. Jean presents Change, a series of paintings concerned with growth and self-expression. For the artist, change is one of the most significant forces at play. An ever-present element, infinitely occurring on multiple levels, feeding back into itself creating further and deeper expansions. The artist has attempted to capture this sense of change through brushwork, colour and composition that, though static in reality, visually continues to change as the viewer observes her work.


Above: S.C. Jean's Blue Moment, Timeless

Nature in Glass and Change are on view from July 27 – October 22 2023 in the lobby of the Kelowna Community Theatre.