Theatre seating chart

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Seating guide

To easily access your seat follow the guide below

  • Yellow seats 1-9: enter door 1
  • Green seats 10-22: enter door 2
  • Blue seats 23-34: enter door 3
  • Purple seats 35-44: enter door 4

Our Main Stage has a total of 853 seats, including six wheelchair accessible seats with six companion seats located in row Z. For accessibility enquires visit theatre amenities.

Want to see the view from your seat?

Use our Virtual Tour to see the layout of the theatre. The theatre has undergone renovations from the time this virtual tour was captured. Seating plan and theatre layout remains the same, however the overall look of our lobby and theatre carpeting has been updated.

We are currently working on updating our virtual tour, as well as adding views from each seat in the auditorium.