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Kelowna City Concert Band presents
Folk Songs and Irregular Meters

kelowna city concert band

Kelowna City Concert Band is delighted to invite you to its 2024 Spring Concert, harmoniously blending the rich tapestry of traditional folk tunes with the intricate rhythms of irregular meters.  They will present a selection of folk songs from around the globe, including some well known tunes and others which may be new to the audience.  

The overlapping theme of ‘Irregular Meters’ encompasses the other offerings in the program.  Instead of the more usual 2, 3 or 4 beats to the measure, think 5, 7, 11 or even 13 beats; and switching between all of these in the same piece.  This is a true demonstration of the talent of the band and the consummate direction of distinguished conductor Robert Payne.


For tickets: phone 250-469-8940 or click "Tickets"

Tickets also available at the door, subject to availability.