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MAY 3 + 4, 2024 / 7:30 PM

Choreography: Alysa Pires
Composer: Adam Sakiyama
Visual Design: Jane Everett
Lighting Design: Rylee Block
Projection Design: Aaron Quibell
Costume & Set Concept: Alysa Pires
Costume Renderings: Nicole Bach-Labrecque
Costume Builders: Joy Green, Lori Lawler, Hazel Rodgers 
Set Design & Build: Dave Brotsky, Bill Haidei

Alysa Pires’ wildly successful theatrical ballet, Macbeth, makes its return to the stage. The timeless themes of ambition, power, and corruption that characterize William Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy infuse this high-stakes piece with drama and suspense. An original score of toil and trouble by Canadian composer Adam Sakiyama and stunning visuals by Okanagan artist Jane Everett set the scene for an exploration of psychological decay.

Don’t miss the reprise of this gripping mix of dance, music, and spectacle!

The commissioning of Macbeth was made possible through the generosity of Leadership Giving Donors Dr. Adrian Bak and Patricia Ainslie.

“Pires is a magician who seamlessly crafts a fresh, badass, impossibly electric story.”
Attendee Valaura Jones on Macbeth