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Inner Fish Theatre Society presents

PLAYBOOK: one or more plays in book form … or playing with books. 

Playbook is an interactive, immersive experiment with improvised sound and text. The performance is structured to involve audience input: 4 sets of vintage encyclopedias are distributed around the room and spectators are invited to look through the books, select a short piece, and bring it to the reader. The text is then deconstructed and incorporated into the sonic material produced by the musicians, to create a web of sounds, words and rhythms played through an 8-channel immersive sound system. PLAYBOOK is an oblique exploration of what, how and why we archive knowledge - and what we do with all the data.

PLAYBOOK artists: Andrew Stauffer (percussion), Darren Williams (saxophone), Jessie Rivest (voice), Miles Thorogood (musician/audio engineer) and Chris Anderson (musician/audio engineer), Eliseo Santillan (Piano and soundscape), and Neil Cadger (text). PLAYBOOK will be presented with an 8-channel, circular immersive sound system from the SPIRAL lab at UBC Okanagan. Live inputs from musicians and vocalists are transformed into sonic textures, enveloping the audience in an immersive tapestry.

The performance will be followed by a Dance Party.

Recommended for audiences 16+ 

*** This production is being presented at the Black Box Theatre at the rear of Kelowna Community Theatre***