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ECL Productions presents

Alex Mackenzie's
Hungry for Laughs Comedy Tour

Get ready for an unforgettable night of entertainment with Alex Mackenzie’s Hungry for Laughs Tour, now back and bigger than ever! This one-of-a-kind event features three of the biggest names in Canadian comedy, a world-class magician, and an international foot archer, making it a show that truly has something for everyone.

Prepare to be blown away by gut-busting laughter, jaw-dropping magic, and out-of-this-world talent that you simply have to see to believe. From start to finish, this well-rounded show is sure to leave you with stitches in your side from laughing, your mind blown from the magic, and your heart inspired by what humans can achieve through dedication.

But it’s not just about having a great night out with the people you love. Proceeds from the event go to a local charity, so you can feel good about giving back to your community while enjoying a night of non-stop entertainment.

These talented performers have been featured on some of the biggest stages in the world, including Netflix, Just for Laughs, MTV, Marvel’s Wonder Woman, HBO, Conan O’Brien, Penn and Teller, Cirque de Soleil in Las Vegas, NBA half-time shows, MLB stadiums, Britain’s Got Talent, and even performed for Her Majesty The Queen of England!

Hundreds of hours go into the production of these events, all to create a moment. When you’re in that moment, laughing with hundreds of people from your community, you’ll feel a sense of love and belonging that is truly unforgettable. Even after leaving the show, the memories you create with the people you love will live on forever.

So come together and build a sense of community through the power of laughter, love, and giving with Alex Mackenzie’s Hungry for Laughs Comedy Tour. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Meet the entertainers:

Orissa Kelly:

In April 2015, Orissa created her unique Foot Archery act, which involves her shooting a bow and arrow from a variety of acrobatic positions - including from her feet whilst in a handstand. Orissa is the only person in the UK to perform foot archery as well as the only person in the world to do this while on fire! She has truly invented the art of Fire Foot Archery. Orissa debuted her archery act on Britain’s Got Talent, receiving high praise from all the judges. She was even nicknamed the “Hot bendy Cupid” by Amanda Holden! Orissa has gone on to perform worldwide for clients including HRH Queen Elizabeth II, the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Wonder Woman’, MLB and NBA halftime shows, created viral videos reaching over 20 million views and also won the MTV series of ‘Amazingness’. In 2018 she also completed a full world tour within a year, performing her foot archery act on every continent!

Wes Barker:

Wes Barker is the most famous magician who will still answer your DMs. One of the stars of Big Trick Energy on truTV, Wes has hundreds of millions of views online, and has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us (he fooled ‘em!), America’s Got Talent, MTV’s Greatest Party Stories Ever, and Ellen. He’s a rare mix of standup comedy and magic!

Ivan Decker:

Ivan Decker is a stand-up comedian and writer known for his sharp, polished, and multilayered observational comedy. He is originally from Vancouver but is now based in Los Angeles. Ivan has had numerous television performances filmed at the Just for Laughs Montreal festival, the Winnipeg and Halifax Comedy festivals for CBC Television and can be heard across North- America on Sirius XM radio. Ivan can also be seen and heard on the popular CBC radio program “The Debaters.” Most recently, Ivan was named a “Comic To Watch” by TBS at the New York Comedy Festival, and subsequently made his U.S. television debut on “Conan.” Ivan’s debut comedy album “I Wanted to be a Dinosaur” was the recipient of the 2018 JUNO award for “Comedy Album of the Year” which can be heard on all major streaming platforms, including iTunes. He is also a feature performer on the Netflix Stand up Series “Comedians of the world.”

Simon King:

From his appearances at: the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, the Seattle International Comedy Competition, The Winnipeg Comedy Festival, The Edmonton Comedy Festival, FunnyFest Calgary, The Moncton Comedy Festival, The Vancouver International Comedy Festival, The NorthWest Comedy Fest, The Kuala Lumpur Comedy Fest, Virgin Music Festival and The Just For Laughs Festival to his breakout performances at the prestigious HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen and the HBO, TBS Comedy Festival in Las Vegas: he’s made a huge impact wherever he’s been.

A workhorse and veteran performer with more than two decades in stand-up under his belt Simon, has played everything from theatres to comedy clubs to dive bars. With numerous national television appearances including Comedy Network, CBC, CTV, TBS, Comedy Central to name a few and regular radio play on both terrestrial and satellite radio it seems only a matter of time before this grass roots superstar becomes a household name.

Alex Mackenzie:

Mackenzie has been described as a happiness cheerleader. “A genuinely funny man with a sincere desire to spread happiness” says Stage Whispers Australia. Born and raised in Prince George, BC, Mackenzie has always had a positive attitude and a knack for making people laugh. In 2019 Mackenzie quit his six-figure job as a power engineer and instrumentation mechanic, sold his house and moved into an RV with his dog Finley to chase his stand-up dreams. Since then, Mackenzie has become an international sensation, performing to sold-out crowds around the world. He has performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and is the host of the popular Hungry for Laughs Comedy Tour. With his natural charisma and clever joke writing, he has gained a rapidly growing online following, with his videos reaching over 60 million views. Mackenzie’s style of comedy is upbeat and positive, with a focus on spreading happiness and making people feel good. He’ll make you feel like you’re hanging out with your best friend as he takes you on a hilarious journey through his unique perspective on life. He has a talent for connecting with his audience and making them feel like they are part of the show. His positive attitude is infectious, and he can turn even the toughest crowds into a room full of laughter. His down-to-earth personality and his ability to create infectious laughter have earned him a reputation as one of Canada’s must-see comedians. Mackenzie is often recognized in public and asked to move his RV.

Proceeds to support The Central Okanagan Food Bank