Symphonic Rock Evolution (formerly Bandidos Cerveza)

This incredible 23 - piece Symphonic Rock Band has gained international recognition for producing a live show performance compared to concerts by Elton John, Eric Clapton and Moody Blues.

Randy Zahara, manager of the Kelowna Community Theatre said, “I have been manager for over 11 years and have never witnessed a production as powerful and transcending where the audience gave the band a mid-concert standing ovation”.  If you have a chance to see this amazing group live, don’t miss this opportunity, you will love every minute of it”.

The band’s social media hit “The Light” – composed by Ken Hartfield will be premiered at this live performance and will be videotaped during the concert.

Symphonic Rock Evolution features six lead vocalists, percussion, traps, bass guitar, piano, electric guitars, and a brass and string section. The musical arrangements take rock classics to a new level and produce an incredibly powerful sound, which is distinctive to this group.  You will hear new arrangements from classic rock groups like: Pink Floyd, Led Zepellin, Santana, The Beatles and many more.

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