Special Guest

Subterfuge Theatre are excited to present their entry in the Kelowna International Fringe Festival: SPECIAL GUEST, a new comedy inspired by classic spy films.

For Gil Stubbs and Lyle Hamilton, the security technicians responsible for monitoring the CCTV cameras at the top secret Weiss Diamonds compound in the Northwest Territories, Canada, one day blurs into the next. The monotony of their job comes to an abrupt end, however, with the arrival of two strangers—a new security technician called Rosamund Wood and a famous English secret agent. Suddenly, Gil and Lyle find themselves caught up in a game of international espionage—and the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

For those who want to come to Kelowna Fringe Festival 2022, here's a few things to remember:

     It is best to buy your tickets in advance. 

  • Door tickets are $18 + fees ( = $20 total ) Doors open 10 minutes before showtime. 
  • You must purchase a Fringe Pin to be admitted on our festival sites ($5 one-time purchase). 
  • Shows that are SOLD OUT will have a sign at the ticket table
  • No latecomers! Make sure to arrive on time or early