Sons of the Pioneers: 85th Anniversary Tour

This is a live concert by a legendary westernband – Sons of the Pioneers. The 6 men perform over 20 famous songs from their past 85 years including “Cool Water” and “Tumbling Tumbleweeds”. Many of the songs were written by Canadian-born Bob Nolan who founded the band in 1934.

When Roy Rogers (then Leonard Slye) and gifted songwriters Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer began developing their trademark “Pioneer sound” in the 1930s, little did they realize they were launching a juggernaut that would become one of the most decorated and longest-lived groups in American music history. Since then, 47 official members have rotated through to keep the Pioneers’ musical campfire burning brightly.

Come celebrate the group’s historic anniversary and meet Tommy Nallie (lead guitar and vocals), Roy (Dusty) Rogers, Jr*., (MC, vocals), Ken Lattimore (vocals, fiddle), John Fullerton (vocals, rhythm guitar), Paul Elliott (fiddle), and Chuck Ervin (bass, vocals).


* Roy Rodgers Jr., "Dusty" is the son of the King of the Cowboys, Roy Rodgers Sr. who was the band's founder. Today he is the M.C for the Sons of the Pioneers, and sings middle vocals as his father did years ago.


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