Miss Kelowna: Lady of the Lake Pageant

Our Story...The Lady of the Lake is a young woman who has a personal presence that leaves a favourable and lasting impression. She has the integrity to meet anyone in an honest and genuine manner, the self assurance and judgement to converse intelligently, the finesse to meet dignitaries in any social setting, the natural warmth and grace of a young lady, as well as the intelligence, and excellent public speaking skills.  Combined with the fact that she has an awareness of herself as an individual, and you have the young woman who is the Ambassador of Kelowna.

The reigning Lady of the Lake and Princess, as well as the current year Candidates, attend numerous events and charitable activities where they provide volunteer assistance in support of Kelowna and area community programs. They are always accompanied by chaperones.

The Miss Kelowna Lady of the Lake Society aims to mentor young women of Kelowna, enable them to learn new skills, and empower their leadership.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Miss Kelowna: Lady of the Lake Pageant 2018... A Night Under the Stars!