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After a successful world premiere at Living Things 2022, Mutatis Mutandis returns to mystify and amaze us with theatrical illusions and the boundless charms of puppetry.

Anchored in the fascinating and little-known world of the abyss, Mutatis Mutandis draws its inspiration from scientific facts that are so incredible they submerge us in a surreal world. Addressing porosity between the known and the unknown world, the show is crafted like a collage, intuitively connecting the languages of sight and sound. It is a dive into Earth’s liquid heart, into us…

For anyone delighted by the poetry of illusions.


This is Kelowna’s International Arts Festival. It’s groundbreaking theatre, art and performances that will leave you feeling exhilarated. These are the shows that get big cities buzzing… and they’re coming here. Will you be there?

An extraordinary lineup of shows, performances and experiences that inspire, entertain and provoke thought and conversation. The 7th Annual Living Things International Arts Festival will be a spectacle of live theatre, performance art, dance and music.

In 2023, we welcome performances from France, Montreal, Alberta and the Okanagan Valley.

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