Kelowna Fringe Festival - Tonight's the Night (CANCELLED)

Tonight's the Night,
with Zorblax, Destroyer of Worlds

Due to the wildfires and ongoing evacuations in the community, this show has been CANCELLED. A refund can be requested by emailing . If you would like to donate your ticket for a tax receipt, please email with your name and address. 

We thank you for your patience as the Kelowna Fringe tries reschedule as many performances as possible by reaching out to our artists, staff, venues and volunteers. Many are/were on evacuation alert or order and some may even have lost their homes.

We are grateful for our Fringe Festival fans and supporters at this challenging time. 


​By: Andrew Robertson, Zack Fernstrom, Dan Ondang, Ashley Hiibner & Zorblax, Destroyer of Worlds

This year Tonight’s the Night with Zorblax Destroyer of Worlds is a hybrid of talk and game show!
Come watch contestants from the Kelowna Fringe Festival compete in out-of-this-world games like “The Correct Currency”, “Peril!”, and “Name That / Make that / Mime That”.

You can find Zorblax on Instagram @zorblax_destroyer_etc

Rating: PG- 13
Venue: Black Box Theatre (1375 Water Street, in behind Kelowna Community Theatre)