Frank Mills - Mr. Music Box Dancer

Rocklands Entertainment presents:

An Evening With Frank Mills - Mr. Music Box Dancer

For the record!

“Music Box Dancer” became the Number 1 record in 26 countries selling millions of singles along the way.  In the “music business rarity” category, the tune was Number 1 in Japan three times within a year – 1st – the original Frank Mills single, 2nd – a Japanese rendition and finally in Chinese!

The album sold well over two million copies remunerating Frank handsomely as he wrote, arranged, conducted and recorded it himself.  Since it was a “master lease” deal, he owned the entire project.

“Music Box Dancer” has garnered more than 24 gold albums worldwide; earned a Million-Airs award from BMI for over a million radio plays; sheet music sales have well exceeded 3 million copies and the tune received a 1980 Grammy nomination for “Best Instrumental.”

In all it’s various interpretations to date, “Music Box Dancer” has sold close to 6 million copies.

Quite the record!