Art @ KCT - Mackenzie Perras

Mackenzie Perras - Into the Abstract: Many Ways of Looking

As part of the Art@KCT series, join artist Mackenzie Perras for a discussion on his practice and the complexities of abstract imagery.

Kelowna Community Theatre will be hosting an inaugural artist talk in support of their recently launched Art@KCT exhibition program. Okanagan artist Mackenzie Perras will present Into the Abstract: Many Ways of Looking, an investigation into how we create, sustain and interpret meaning through abstract images.

Focusing on things like materials and materiality, social-historical information, and by taking cues from our shared visual lexicon, in this discussion Perras will probe the ecology of the works presented in his current Art@KCT exhibition Tales from the Anthropocene. Through the context of contemporary art history, the artist will explore how can we create, sustain and interpret meaning in abstract images.

Tales from the Anthropocene encompasses textural, multimedia abstracts that explore the many sides of materiality. Deeply inspired by watching the material flows that exist all around us—cycles of water and erosion, geology and rock morphology, plants and animals, the human body and organic matter, manufactured products and pollution all inform his process of encoding aesthetic and material information into abstract compositions.